How To Get Clients

How to Get More People To Use Your Business

how to get more clients

The internet has changed just about every aspect of our lives since its proliferation.

Today if you want to know how to get clients you can just go to the internet and you’ll find tabular data and specific instructions in almost every website or blog on such a dedicated niche.

One great example of a blog showing you how to get customers is on Kay Gambrell’s Blog @

This blog gives you great tips on getting more traffic to your site & more clients.

History of Getting Customers

Well, it’s not so surprising really, before the radio was famous newspapers were the craze back in 1450 although the very first newspaper was printed and distributed in Rome in 59 B.C.

Then came the radio broadcasts in November 6, 1919 and then the television (TV) in 1939 although it was first invented back in the 1800s.

The internet came in around the 1960s but it was publicly used towards the end of the 1970s. A decade later it had become popular in the United States and the rest is history.

I personally didn’t start using the internet, until the 90′s, and it didn’t take off into what is is today until then.

In any case the point of this brief historical background on different forms of mediums for advertising is that their development contributed much in showing people how to get customers for their business.

Lead Generation

Marketing strategies quickly developed on the web and long before we know it, lead generation became very efficient there than by using telemarketers to call potential clients.

Lead generation is the inquiry into products or services of a business or consumer interest.

The primary goal of lead generation is to increase sales but it can also be used to build lists of targeted customers or even e-newsletter list acquisition.

Before the internet existed lead generation was an off-shoot of paid advertising; however, due to the nature of the internet referrals from existing customers or organic search engine results contribute more compared to paid ads.

Lead generation is basically learning how to get clients for your business. Quality leads generally brings in genuine customers and clients which is good for business.

How to Get Clients Through Other Methods Online

Now I mentioned about organic search engine results as being one of the ways of getting leads, clients and customers early on. Well besides that there are other ways you can get leads online. Among them include…

  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Internet Forums
  • Blogs
  • Landing Pages

For instance, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ each have over 1 billion users logging in every day and if you can tap that source of potential clients and customers, then you can consider yourself a master on “how to get clients online”.

Add the other 100+ social media sites on the list and God knows how many leads you can get for your business.

You can also buy email list of targeted audience and send them weekly newsletters about your company, use a call-to-action button for them to subscribe and you’ve got another way to reel in more catch!

There’s plenty of methods on the web for you to get clients and they’ve been proven very effective by so many successful small and large companies.

Summing Up Client Acquisition

What’s important about the internet is that it increases your ability to get people to spend money with your business exponentially, which is a very good thing.

Bringing people closer together and making the world a smaller place improved the global economy and the business sector benefited from that most.

So if you are going to start a business these days you will need this vital tool of information technology on your side in order to succeed.

Now that you know, go out and find some clients!

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Top 3 Qualities of a Successful Business: Limo Company Got It Right!

This Limo Company Got It Right: Top 3 Qualities of a Successful Business

Success in business can be tricky. I found that there is no such thing as a perfect company/business. In my search, instead of a perfect company, I found what makes a company great is their inspiration. Things like how companies treat their customers, associates, owners and business partners reflects deeply in their cognitive interpretation of what greatness means. In light of this I was enlightened to the 3 qualities of a successful business and they are ambition, customer relations and focus and execution. You will be more likely to meet your goals of success in business if you understand these things.

Limo Company Doing It Right

I know an owner of a limo company, that is absolutely awesome, and has figured out what it truly means to treat your customers very well.  If you spend $50 or $500 dollars with DFW Limo Pro, they treat you like you have spent a million dollars!


Every company’s ambition for greatness usually addresses an unmet customer need – that’s what the leadership team of every good company often thinks about. Ambitions that rise up out of personal greed causes the company to fall. No, this is a collective kind of ambition where the company complies with what it had promised to its customers and delivers it with a unique quality. It will take a great ambition, impeccable customer relations and dedicated focus and execution just to build a good company let alone a great company. This is one of the top 3 qualities of a successful business that you need to employ in your company.

Customer Relations

Meeting a customer need first is an indication of a good company. The founder or founders of the company understands how a need is not being well met and so it becomes the underlying goal of that company to deliver customer satisfaction that is exceptional and exceeds all others. A good business owner gets deeply involved in the company’s operations and will not let someone else handle it for him or her. At the case study limo company we keep referring to, they are a prime example of this. Many aspiring businesses have failed in this aspect of running a business operation and it had cost them dearly as a result. In some cases, poor customer relations has cost the owner the company… customers = no company………

For instance, the taxi and limousine service in the United States alone is worth $11 billion! If you’ll get at least 0.3% of this figure as a limo service company, then it would be such a shame to lose it all due to neglect of your customers. You will have lost the vision and characteristics of the top 3 qualities of a successful business that I’m explaining to you.

Focus and Execution

Another indication of a good company is that it never plays Russian Roulette on its know-how, abilities and decision-making – it sticks on what it knows and does well. Expanding and growing into familiar territory has always been the logical choice. The third essence of the top 3 qualities of a successful business, being focus and execution, outlines the need for the company not to wander off of familiar territory. If it ever does it usually does this with extreme caution capitalizing on feasibility studies, customer reception and retention as well as marginal and gross possible profits. Of course risks and loses are expected and calculated with precision also.

Even Janitors At This Limo Company Are Inspired

One last essential factor that may not necessarily be included in the top 3 qualities of a successful business is inspiration. Inspired people never run out of vision for their work. You would most likely see them plan ahead for 50 years into the future. They plan, they have passion, and they are the engines that keep the company running. Ultimately these people become the key to making their companies successful, because they create, stimulate and sustain their drive and it is contagious throughout the organization.

Why You Should Model Your Business After the Limousine Company

As a successful business builder, I can say that the qualities I have discussed are essential in a successful business. If you take your time to treat every customer like they are your last, you will have an awesome business. The limo company I chatted with, which was the most awesome company I have had the pleasure of interacting with in a long time, said that customer is king.  They also said that they have more customers than they can handle, and are working to expand their operation

Now that’s what I call a successful business!

Have questions? Email me, or leave a comment below:)

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Sneaky online trick to get more customers for your business

Sneaky online trick to get more customers for your business

This is my first official post on this site, and although I am jumping to a pretty big topic first, don’t worry…..I will cover this popular topic several times, and in detail over the next few months:).

Do you have a website that looks good but are not getting any quality leads or phone calls? If you have a GREAT website, that is only have the battle……Having people see your site is the other half. Shortly, I will share my trick to tackle the customer half, just keep reading.

Have you spent so much for pay per click, or other online advertising, and never get the results and visitors you want? What a rejection, right?

Competition is present all over the world, even in love stories, competition is very much alive and well. It is even greater I think  in the world of business, where people are hungry and thirsty for success.

Well, you have to get creative, and be one step ahead of the competition.

I’ve been in the same dilemma. Remember, to gain the expertise I currently have, I have had to fail alot, and try alot of things. So for one of my businesses, before it was successful, I spent too much money ($800) having a great site built, and I thought that just because I had a nice site, my business now looked even more professional and this would bring the customers……boy was I wrong……so then I fell in the trap of trying everything I didn’t understand…..from pay per click, to online marketing…..needless to say, at first I failed miserably at all of them…..Many nights I cried myself to sleep because I didn’t know what the heck I was doing….it was horrible!

I’ve been hopeless and broken in this unfair world BBBUUUUTTTTT SURPRISINGLY, I found a lamp and I met Aladdin. Fairy-tales do happen, not just in love stories, but also in your business life.

Of all the rejection, disappointments and money being wasted, I met in the midst of my sorrow the SEO Queen. I will tell you more about her later, but first, let me tell you about SEO.

SEO was my answer. SEO was the key, nothing more, nothing else; SEO is what helps you get the other have of the puzzle….it helps you get the customers.

Now tell me, what is SEO?? What is SEO to you? If you are a business owner, you better figure it out pretty quick. It doesn’t matter if your business is online or offline, local or national, you need SEO.

Search Engine Optimization also known as SEO is a process of making a website readable to the search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. If you think of a billboard that you see on the highway they are basically saying who, what, and where they are located. This is similar to how SEO works with websites.

SEO is very beneficial to helping people that are interested in your products or services find you online. My recommendation is The owner of this firm is a true queen. She is a small business owner that understands your needs, and wants. She is very professional, she is direct, and sh is honest.  She does HR & SEO, so her personality isn’t have bad either. LOL She is great! I don’t get a referral free or anything, but she is good, and she loves what she does. Want to increase your business, use SEO. If you don’t like my recommendation, just google it! There are millions of firms out there, but they are NOT all good, so make sure you find testimonials or something online. Don’t just pick someone that sucks… could be worse for you!

If you spending hundreds or thousands of dollars per month with advertising methods that don’t work, or cost too much like Pay Per Click, then…..Oh, C’mon!! Move on. PPC is complicated, can get expensive, and I do not recommend it for long term advertising. Even if someone clicks your ad, it’s going to cost you money, and based on if the content is good on your page, you might not get that person to convert into a customer. Newbies, stay away from PPC at first, and use SEO to help people already searching for you, find you and your business.

With SEO, you will be able to get listed in the organic search results with a focus on your niche product or service. It is for all seasons and it is for a long-term positive result. Proven and tested. Business boomer. Life saver……

So I have a friend that followed my advice, and the front end value of a customer for them was $300. Now, based on my SEO recommendation, I was able to get my friend 20 new customers per month within the first 90 days, and the customers increased after 90 days.  Do the math! $300 X 20 new customers= $6000! That is a $6000 increase in business in 3 months, and that number has steadily increased over time because of this lil thing we call SEO.

Cast your anxiety and burdens now and let SEO make fairy-tales happen to your business for your business. If you liked my post, please share it, if you like me, please share it, if you have a comment, I would love to see it!

Thanks for reading!